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7 years on the market
Database of 44 cemeteries in Latvia with access to search graves for each user
We will refund your money if something goes wrong and still do the job.
for us, the project is a socially important thing, every order we do for ourselves.
Thousands of satisfied customers
Thousands of satisfied customers


Keeping burial sites clean is a tribute to and commemoration of loved ones. No wonder they say that " we are alive. as long as were remembered." Provide care for the grave: to organize one-time and regular cleaning, plant flowers or paint the fence-you will help the specialists of our project and will take care of the improvement of the burial places of your loved ones throughout Lativia.

Open grave database

Now the project team not only exceeded fifty people around the world, but also for 8 years of active activity of the project in the database collected more than 1.9 million graves in 44 cemeteries in 27 cities 5 countries of Latvia. All these databases are in open access for search on our website and on the websites of partners.

Ordering services through the service-you help us to save and restore abandoned graves, as with each service we transfer up to 30% for the restoration of cemeteries.

Social responsibility

Hundreds of thousands of graves across the country are in disrepair. They can be abandoned for dozens of reasons, but it does not matter, because in these graves lie the people who built this country for us, protected this world and they can not just sink into oblivion. On the one hand, we make a huge memorial virutalny where all the names of these heroes will be preserved, and on the other hand, we are with each order lists up to 30% for the restoration of cemeteries.
How we work
1. Clean Thoroughly
We Carry out works of the order taking into account comments and wishes of the customer. Prepare photo and text report.
2. Cleaning up after Ourselves
Most of the garbage in the cemetery is the garbage left behind by relatives after cleaning the graves. We take out garbage to the places of its collection, and not only for ourselves.
3. Show result
In the Appendix to the report on the work done, our experts prepare recommendations for further care of the grave free of charge.
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