In May 1934

The monument to 37 Jewish soldiers and officers who died in the struggle for independence of Latvia in 1918-1920 was opened at the central alley of the cemetery.

In July 1941

Nazis burned the hall for mourning ceremonies together with people that were therein. After World War II Holocaust survivors and jews who returned to Riga regained the surviving buildings of the cemetery.

In 1964

Soviet authorities decided to open the cemetery for burials of inhabitants of Riga, regardless of their nationality, the cemetery was renamed “Shmerlskoe” cemetery. In summer of 1990 vThe Jewish community of Riga opened memorial stone in tribute of Zhanis Lipke and his wife Johanna, who saved more than fifty jews during the Nazi occupation.

At the cemetery are buried philologist Nahum Pereferkovich, artists Michael Yo and Haim Rysin, philosopher Max Schatz-Anin, composers Oscar Strok and Vladimir Hvojnitsky, writer Mark Razumny, chess-player Mikhail Tal, academician Julius Anshelevich and other famous people.

Also the Holocaust victims from Eglaine and Dobele are reburied at the cemetery. There are memorial stone to the German Jews murdered by the Nazis in Riga, and other commemoratives.

Currently the cemetery is Jewish again.
The area of the cemetery - 93 thousand sq. m.
The number of graves - about 22,500

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